Kaylin was the doula for my first birth and I am proud to be the first person to write a review for her. I was induced a week early due to my amniotic fluids being low and I was extremely nervous. I had read all kinds of horror stories about being induced. I thought my chances of having a natural birth went out the window due to the induction. However, Kaylin was simply amazing. She provided me with a piece of mind I would not have had without her. She was knowledgeable, well prepared to help me through labor, and provided me with the support I needed. She used a variety of techniques that helped make my contractions more manageable (as manageable as a contraction can be lol). I was able to make it through being induced with Pitocin, having my water broken and pushing without the use of an epidural or pain medication. I can honestly say that my birth would not have been the same without her and I am thankful for my decision to choose her as my doula.

-Zhayawna J. 

Kaylin was awesome!  From the moment I met her I knew she was the right person to assist me with the birth of my son.  She has a very calm and nurturing presence.  She is very knowlegable of different birthing positions and relaxation techiniques and was very helpful in helping me to remember to breathe and stay focused during labor.  She was well prepared at our prenatal visits and at the hospital.  We had two prenatal visits and I greatly appreciate that she took the time to discern what my goals and fears were and to make a plan ahead of time of how to cope if things didn't go as planned.  She is a good listener and I never felt rushed through our appointments.  Kaylin never pushed me one way or another about my birth plan and was extremely supportive of my choices. 

I had a successful unmedicated, natural childbirth at Lexington Medical Center and I'm not sure I could have done it without her!  My husband says he also felt much more calm with her being there and it better equipped him to be my support person.  I would definitely recommend her services and if we decide to have more children I will definitely be calling her again!

-Emily T.

I am beyond grateful that we chose Kaylin to support us during our pregnancy and birth. Overall, my pregnancy turned out to be more difficult than anticipated. My birth did not turn out the way I had envisioned.
Before the complications arose, Kaylin was helping to ease my worries by providing helpful information and often just listening when I needed someone to talk to.
I ended up needing a csection, and the idea terrified me. But Kaylin was there to alleviate my concerns and listen. She helped me to realize my own capability and empower me to birth my child with confidence, even though my birth plan hadn't gone the way I wanted.
The day of my daughter's birth, Kaylin met my husband and I at the hospital early so we would have plenty of time to get ready for surgery. She even made sure to bring snacks for my husband!
I'm so glad she was with me in the pre-op room because my mind was all over the place. She immediately knew when my nerves were getting the best of me and helped to calm them and keep the mood light and happy in my room. No negativity whatsoever!
Unfortunately, the hospital that I delivered at only allowed one person in the operating room, but Kaylin stayed with me until the very last second and was waiting for me in the recovery room.
The rush of oxytocin was incredible, and Kaylin captured some remarkable pictures of our first moments as a family of 3- pictures that I will cherish forever.
Kaylin stayed and helped me get settled and comfortable, and then brought me food once I was cleared to eat. 
I don't want to imagine what my pregnancy/birth would have been like if she hadn't been a part of it. Her love and support helped create such a positive atmosphere. Her knowledge and instincts are invaluable.
I am so thankful for her wisdom and support during my pregnancy and birth, but I am also thankful for the relationship that was built. I plan on having her attend any future births that I have.

-Tara S.

At the 2 month mark, my son still wasn't latching and I was pumping non-stop while supplementing with formula. I had exhausted myself day in and day out and was giving breastfeeding one last ditch effort before giving up when a friend of mine shared a referral for Kaylin on social media.

I had been to a lactation center before, but it was very stressful for me. Having a screaming baby in a rigid clinical setting and trying to get him to latch while I'm in tears from the stress and post partum depression wasn't something I was willing to go through again. So when I saw that Kaylin did house calls I was willing to try it out.

She was kind, easy going, and laid back...exactly what I needed! She helped me understand his latch and by the end of our meeting my baby was successfully breastfeeding! Kaylin gave me something I never thought I would have, especially after 2 months of unsuccessful progress on my part...I thought it wasn't possible. I have continued to work on our breastfeeding progress and have contacted her after our visit with concerns and she has helped me through those.

If you are looking for help and just want to be in the comfort of your own environment with someone who is willing to take the time, Kaylin is a great choice!

-Kat C.

Kaylin was such an amazing doula to work with! My husband and I both absolutely enjoyed working with Kaylin and her back up Doula! She is extremely knowledgeable with the entire birthing process and quick to respond to any questions or concerns my husband and I had. From the moment that we began having contractions, which both prelabor and active labor began in the middle of the night, she was texting us and sending encouraging words until it was time to go to the hospital! We arrived at the hospital and Kaylin was able to meet us in triage and she immediately got to work! She helped create a birth space that did not feel like a hospital room. She even brought battery candles to put in the shower which transformed the space into a peaceful birthing area (and where I ended up spending the rest of my labor). Even though I wanted to sit in the shower, she helped me try other pain management techniques and even sat in the shower with me the whole time! Super sweet, super encouraging and I don't think that I could have had the natural birth that I wanted without the support and encouragement. I'd definitely recommend hiring her to help you through your birth!!

-Katherine L.

I am so grateful to have found Kaylin and that she was willing to travel to my home to help me on my breastfeeding journey. Kaylin is knowledgeable and friendly and her services are invaluable. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for birth or breastfeeding support.

-Elizabeth S.

Kaylin and Rebecca have been a great resource for us first time parents. Not only do they provide guidance, they also encourage reflection, encouragement, and personal connection and empathy. Kaylin joined us for the birth. It was full of surprises and nothing went as planned, but she kept us grounded and present to make decisions during the whole thing. She even advocated to join me in the operation room after my husband left to look after the baby. So supportive.

We would work with them again a 1000 times over.

-Tristan R. 

Felt totally comfortable and at ease with Kaylin. Discussions during our visits were always lively and informative! We loved having her as part of our birth team. Highly recommend her services!! We will be using her again next time!!

-Cassidy R.

Kaylin. Best decision ever. I didn't have a doula with my first birth & had Kaylin with my second. I know words can not do true justice to how much of a difference it made. I was prepared for whatever would come. Whether it was the experience I'd dreamed of or not, that wouldn't matter, because Kaylin made sure I was at peace with myself and the experience before it even happened. She was very professional and completely open minded. She supported whatever I wanted and supplied me with education to make decisions when I felt lost or confused. I encourage anyone who is looking for a doula whom truly loves the birthing experience, from pre- to post- natal, to consider Kaylin. She was essential to the confidence I had in myself throughout. She was also great with my husband, who has a completely different personality from me, so she's just all around great. Thank you soooo much Kaylin!

-Jennifer R.

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