To birth plan, or not to birth plan?

It happens all the time; I meet with clients during our first prenatal and I ask what ideas they have for their birth plan so far.

*Blank stare.* "We don't really think we need one of those. We can't really plan birth anyways, right?"

You are correct, my dear friend. That is why we create a "Birth wishes list" instead.

The concept is very similar to that of creating an actual birth plan, however the mindset is totally different. Oftentimes with "plans" our brains get stuck on a single perception of what our birth should be like. The thing is, no two births are exactly the same. All of our bodies and babies' bodies are unique. So, anything depiction that you have probably won't be exactly what your birth will end up being.

With a "wishes list" I encourage my clients to think about several birthing scenarios and decide what choices would be important to them in each. We go over all of the options and how important it is to continue to make choices and feel empowered. This encourages an open mind about what you would like your birth to be like. You are more open to the idea of anything happening when you have a "wishes list" versus a "plan."

What are the benefits of a Birth Wishes List?

If you are thinking about all of these different scenarios for what birth could be like, you can take time to research and decide what would be the best choice for you ahead of time. Do you want to be able to eat or drink during labor? What are your pain management preferences? If you end up birthing via cesarean section, what choices can you make so that you still feel empowered?

Not only is this really beneficial for you, it also lets your provider know your preferences for birth and baby care quickly and easily. Even if you think you want everything that your provider "typically" does, it is still important to mentally prepare for variations during the process. This way, if you do find that you have questions, you can bring them to your prenatal. A birth wishes list really keeps everyone on the same page throughout the prenatal and birth experience. Having things written down neatly and passed on to your care provider can help them to advise you appropriately and keep your wishes in the front of their mind. If you don't write them down, it's impossible to guarantee that all of your desires can be effectively heard and known.

What needs to be included?

There are so many things that can be included in your birth wishes list, but what it really boils down to are the topics that are important to you. I have compiled a huge list of all the things that can be considered for your birth wishes list.

You can access that here.

Everything from your modesty level preference to baby care preferences, this list has it all.

If you would like further guidance on creating your birth wishes list, book a free fifteen minute consultation today.


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