The BEST Fitness Class for Mamas in Columbia, SC

I remember the first time I met Cara Branham. It was at the 2019 Love Your Birth event. You can't miss this woman. Not only is she gorgeous, she also has GREEN HAIR! How cool is that? So we get to talking and it turns out we both LOVE caring for mamas in the perinatal period and we are BOTH huge fans of inappropriate jokes! 😂 A few weeks after that Cara asked me to attend a Bake Sale she was hosting to raise money for the Love Your Birth- Postpartum Support Group-- so I did and I'm pretty sure it was one of my more recent "very best ideas."

It wasn't long before I decided to see what Cara's fitness class was all about. I was in LOVE, y'all! Every single move she had us do had multiple different intensity levels and variations. I remember when I first started I could barely even do the easy ones, but at this point, only a few months later, I can feel and see the difference in the strength of my body. At BossMama, you don't measure your progress in inches and pounds and I just love that. Progress is measured in changes in your STRENGTH and how you feel. It really is fitness for every(mom)body.

I almost forgot the absolute best part-- the COMMUNITY! Not only are these ladies my workout buddies, they are my encouragers, they are what helps me smile on the tough mom days, and we are always learning cool parenting stuff from each other (well, IDK if they're learning from me, but I sure as heck am learning from them). These ladies are my friends and I am so thankful I came to BossMama Bootcamp to meet them.

Do you notice the little ones in that photo? That's right! Your kiddos can come to bootcamp too! During class they sit next to each other in their strollers and share snackies and other bootcamp briberies. Violet asks me most every night before bed if we "see fwiends mornin?" I love how much she has blossomed and opened up since we started attending Bootcamp regularly, too. She is really a shy girl, so it's no easy feat to get her to open up.

If you haven't already, go follow along with Cara and BossMama Fitness and Wellness on Facebook. She shares the cutest boomerangs and clips of our workouts. I have learned so much about the the core and pelvic floor muscles since I started following Cara. She is always encouraging me to be my best self at class and I want you to experience this too! Your first BossMama Bootcamp class is totally monetarily and commitment free. Cara has the equipment to get you started. Come as you are, don't brush your hair, and work your Judy (booty) out with your new best friends. I can't wait to see you there!


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