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You just found out you're pregnant. You know exactly what you want already-- an empowered birth with all the exciting moments captured in photographs. So you start searching online for a doula and a photographer. You find the perfect one (she does both!) and then you check out her investment page... 😮😮😮 $1000?! "That's definitely NOT in the budget," you think. Before you start feeling down because you know you need this woman at your birth (she's worth every penny), let me tell you that you CAN make this happen. There are ways to get the money so that you don't miss a single moment of you empowered birth!

1. Let's start with the most obvious one first. Save your dollars! Say you're 8 weeks pregnant reading this right now, you have 30 weeks to pay off this investment, THAT IS SERIOUSLY ONLY ABOUT $35 PER WEEK! You can definitely save that. If there's absolutely no wiggle room in your budget, think about what other items you prioritize (THE STARBIES and CHICK-FIL-A, Spotify, Hulu😩😩😩) and decide if you can cut back on any of those for a while.

2. When your baby shower rolls around, add it to your list! Even if it doesn't get totally paid for by your Great Aunt Gertrude, you can add whatever fundage you get to your pot. Personally, I LOVE gifting experiences, rather than physical items.

3. I know lots of doulas (and a few doula-togs) who are more than excited to trade services, when it is something they really need and they are financially able to accept a barter. Do you sell essential oils or handmade goods, clean houses, or even write website copy? There are so many ways you could trade services. As mompreneurs, I believe it is so important that we stick together and what better way to do that than to hire each other! It may not work everytime, but it will never hurt to ask.

4. Check with your insurance company, for reimbursement. If your doula has a NPI (National Provider Identification) number then you may be eligible for full or partial reimbursement. Learn more about that here. Not all are eligible, but it never hurts to ask!

5. Most doulas are able to accomodate payment plans. If a doula typically accepts $300 up front and the rest is dues by 38 weeks, she may be able to work out an alternative schedule that works better for your family.

6. Use your tax return, if you get one. I know we like to think of something extra special to save ours for. I can't think of anything better for a new family than to have the most positive birth and postpartum experience possible.

Listen, friend. I GET IT.

I know how tight the budget gets when we start crunching the numbers. I know it seems impossible at times. It all boils down to what you value the most. We know this birth will only happen once. Is it important to you that you are fully educated about your choices? Is it important to you that you are prepared for whatever birth throws at you? Is it important to you that all of that power is captured for a lifetime? If all of the options are truly unavailable to you, shoot me a message and we can brainstorm ideas, so that you can have exactly what you know you want from your birth.

I believe in you, momma. I believe that you deserve this. You can make this happen. Let's talk soon. 💖💞💖💞


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