How busy mompreneurs do self care.

Updated: Feb 28

I know you've seen the "self-care" posts floating around Facebook land. Mani-pedis once a week+do your makeup every single day+Starbuck's latte=self care. Something about that just doesn't jive with me. To me, self care is more than that. I think it should be simple, practical things that REALLY fill up your cup. Not over the top shiz that only makes a good Instagram post. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my Starbies as much as the next sleep deprived mother, I just don't think it's all that counts in self care.

In case you missed it, I did a Facebook LIVE video on this topic.

So, what do busy moms (like you and me) do to take care of ourselves?

I'll tell you my top 5 secrets to fitting self care into my daily life.

1. Let's talk about AFFIRMATIONS. I know you've heard of birth affirmations, but did you know you can use this same premise in your daily life? I have recently been incorporating positive affirmations into my daily life and I can't tell you the world of difference it makes in my psyche. Instead of waking up thinking about what a failure I was the day before, (or whatever dumb lies my anxious brain tries to tell me) I wake up and immediately read my positive affirmations.

I am Driven. I am Aligned. I am Progress. I am Me.

The thing with affirmations is, the more you tell yourself these positive things, the more your brain will believe them to be true. I created these really pretty printable affirmations so that you can add some positivity to your daily routine, too.

2. If you haven't already hopped on the Gratitude Journaling Train, then now is the time. It's super simple to get started.

*Get a new pretty journal (I loveee pretty journals).

~Use my Amazon link to support my business at no extra cost.

*Number it 1-10 and write down things that happened yesterday that you are thankful for.

*Find peace in the good things in life.

I love gratitude journaling because it floods my brain with positive feelings and happy memories from the day before.

3. STOP DOING SO DAMN MUCH. I know this is probably the hardest thing to hear, but if you are overwhelmed, you have to put something down. If everything that you have to do each day is a pile and your piles start to fall over, you'll find yourself running in circles, getting each pile stacked back up-- only to have it start to fall again when you go to fix the next one. The only way to stop the cycle is to let one (or some) of the piles completely go. Let it fall and you can put more of your attention back into the most important piles. For me, that means not prioritizing a spotless home and not aiming for motherly perfection. I get my work done and then I make sure my daughter and I have plenty of time to play. I swear this is what saves my sanity most days. She doesn't care if all the dishes are done or if her dinner droppings are still on the floor from the night before 🙈, she just wants her momma to play with her. So, put a pile down and focus on the ones that count.

4. Get outside and breathe some fresh air. If our family didn't go outside everyday, I think we'd all go stir crazy. Not only because we live in a 28' Airstream trailer, but also because there is just something about the sunshine on your skin and the breeze in your hair that screams "GOOD VIBES!" An added bonus of being outside? If your littles are big enough to walk, they probably don't need much other than a few rocks and sticks to keep them busy for an hour. That means you can use that time to snap a few cute photos of them playing (hello forever memories), enjoy their giggles, or (let's be honest) just keep them from killing themselves.

Science even tells us that going outside can improve short term memory and focus, increase creativity, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, fight against anxiety and depression, and boost our overall immune system. Y'all, how freaking cool is that?

5. Besides getting outside, you have GOT to get out of your house. Staying home and being alone may be super great for your SEO improvement, but you will never find your tribe/ build your community like that. Get away from your desk/ couch and go meet some other moms! We are all super weird and regularly riding on the struggle bus, so why not do it together? Meet some friends and have some play dates. Make the time for this and watch your child and your happiness level flourish. I believe that we were MEANT to raise our babies within communities. Our kiddos should have little friends and we should have people that can relate to what we are going through. This mom game gets rough sometimes and talking with someone who truly understands can really relieve some of the stress.

Whatever you do, remember that you are freaking awesome. You're doing an amazing job running this whole damn show and your babies love you.

I would love to hear from you! What do you intentionally do to take care of your self? What fills your cup up? Tell me in the comments section.

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