Oasis Birth Pool Rentals($125)



*Liner-to keep it clean

*Cover-to keep the heat in

*Air pump-to blow it up

*Sump pump-to empty it


Not included (about $30):

*White water hose-to fill it up
*Plumbing parts-to attach to your hot water at home

*Tarp-to protect your flooring

These items must be purchased by the renter, before the time of drop off.

*NOTE- Your birth attendant will most likely have a list of items that they recommend you purchasing for your water birth experience. Example: Floating thermometer and mesh net. 

**I will deliver the birth pool to your home around 37 weeks of pregnancy. It is the renter's responsibility to set it up where they will be laboring/birthing. If birthing in a hospital, it is the renter's responsibility to confirm with their care provider and hospital that the tub is allowed at the birthing location. After delivery, it is the renter's responsibility to empty and prepare the pool for pickup. I will pick up the pool within a week after your birth. 

**If you have any questions that weren't answered here, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

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