What's included with your $100 Placenta Bouquet Portraits:

* Unique and intuitively stylized portraits of your baby's placenta.
* Digital images, to print and use for personal use.




If your family is anything like mine, they are definitely going to turn their head sideways when they realize that you are wanting your placenta photographed.


This organ is sacred and it DESERVES to be honored. It sustained life between you and your baby for all those months. It is no coincidence   it resembles a TREE OF LIFE. 

Plus, how pretty are these portraits?

Every single bouquet portrait is completely unique and customized for you. I intuitively create each arrangement with you, your new baby, and the details of your birth in my mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the hospital allow me to take my placenta home?

 In MOST cases, yes! As long as there's not a reason to send it to pathology, you can put it on ice and I'll swing by to pick it up! 

2. Can I still encapsulate?

 Definitely! I work with a local encapsulator to ensure that you get every service you wish for.

3. Can I choose my flowers?

 Sure! I love tapping into my instinct when it comes to flower selection, but I am more than happy to accommodate whatever desires you may have.

So, how much does it cost?

For $100 you can have these beautiful portraits created for you. 

That fee gets you completely one-of-a-kind  images that you can keep FOREVER. 

8-10 digital deliveries for you to print and display however you like! 

Placenta pickup and delivery to other service providers, if needed.

Complete satisfaction guarantee.  

Book your spot today! 

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