"Kaylin. Best decision ever. I didn't have a doula with my first birth & had Kaylin with my second. I know words can not do true justice to how much of a difference it made. I was prepared for whatever would come. Whether it was the experience I'd dreamed of or not, that wouldn't matter, because Kaylin made sure I was at peace with myself and the experience before it even happened. She was very professional and completely open minded. She supported whatever I wanted and supplied me with education to make decisions when I felt lost or confused. I encourage anyone who is looking for a doula whom truly loves the birthing experience, from pre- to post- natal, to consider Kaylin. She was essential to the confidence I had in myself throughout. She was also great with my husband, who has a completely different personality from me, so she's just all around great. Thank you soooo much Kaylin!"

-Jennifer R.

Emotional: The new life growing inside of you brings to the surface so many, deeply buried  programs. "Will I be a 'good' mother?? Do I even deserve this baby?? What on earth have I done??" Simultaneously, you may feel smitten and joyful. This is a time in your life when you deserve someone you can speak openly with​; someone who will understand and help guide you towards your own inner knowing. 

Physical: We will get closer than you'd imagine. For me, it's more than just hip squeezes and counterpressure. One of my favorite parts of supporting a mother during labor, is the physical touch. I practice pouring loving, comforting energy into you, as you move throughout your birthing time. 

Educational: Helping you research and determine your preferences is what will consume most of our prenatal visits. I believe that knowledge is power and it is so important to me that my clients are well informed about their options for birthing and newborn care.  Personalized breastfeeding education is included in my most popular package. We will also discuss postpartum plans to assure that you are well supported and can begin this new chapter of your life while still prioritizing your true self.

Kaylin was awesome!  From the moment I met her I knew she was the right person to assist me with the birth of my son.  She has a very calm and nurturing presence.  She is very knowledgeable of different birthing positions and relaxation techniques and was very helpful in helping me to remember to breathe and stay focused during labor.  She was well prepared at our prenatal visits and at the hospital.  We had two prenatal visits and I greatly appreciate that she took the time to discern what my goals and fears were and to make a plan ahead of time of how to cope if things didn't go as planned.  She is a good listener and I never felt rushed through our appointments.  Kaylin never pushed me one way or another about my birth plan and was extremely supportive of my choices. 

I had a successful unmedicated, natural childbirth at Lexington Medical Center and I'm not sure I could have done it without her!  My husband says he also felt much more calm with her being there and it better equipped him to be my support person.  I would definitely recommend her services and if we decide to have more children I will definitely be calling her again!

-Emily T.


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