Birth Photography Model Call

out of hospital; edd through the end of 2020

Imagine this... the waves are rushing over you as labor intensifies. Your partner holds you close as you both sway to the gentle music that fills the room. As your eyes close for another wave, they look at you with more love in their eyes than ever before. You don't know it yet, but they can hardly hold back their own tears of gratitude. 

When I was attending births as a doula, I had the honor of witnessing many couples in the most vulnerable moments of their lives. Mommas roared and partners wept... It was beautiful. I constantly found myself wishing that I could capture these tender, emotional moments between partners. They needed to see their love and remember these special moments forever.


A few years ago, I picked up my camera with the sole-purpose of honoring the birth space by freezing it's energy in picture form.

Those loving glances between you and your partner, the moment baby is placed on your chest and oxytocin courses through your veins, the relief of that first latch, can all be preserved for you with these images. Trust me when I say, that you do want these fleeting moments captured forever. 

why should you hire a birth photographer? 

1. You have waited nine, long months to meet this baby, let ME do the job of photographing the moments you will cherish forever. 

2. The emotions of the day are so easily whisked away by the postpartum period. The moments I capture will help you to never forget. 

3. As a birth professional, I know how to be present in a birthing space without being noticed. I will unobtrusively work, like a fly on the wall. 

when you sign up for this model call, your package includes:

1. 24/7 on call service for your birth, from 38 weeks  until you deliver

2. Unlimited time at your birth from active labor, until baby arrives and up to two hours for immediate postpartum shots of all the tiny details you don't want to miss (first looks, first feed, weigh in, etc.) 

3. ALL edited digital images for personal use and printing 

the details​:

From now until December 31, 2020, I will be offering a 50% discount on my full price of $1,000. That means that for the next six weeks only, you can book me for just $500! 

the requirements​:

  • You must have an estimated due date between now and December 31, 2020

  • You must be giving birth outside of a hospital (at home or in a birth center)

  • You must sign a model release

  • You must live within one hour of Coeur D'Alene, ID

are you as excited as I am about this?!


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