Breastfeeding 101

One-on-one lactation education

I understand how daunting it may be to attend a crowded group session at the local hospital or education group. I am here to give you one on one prenatal education that you need to ensure that your breastfeeding journey begins with your best breast forward.

I come to you from a family of breastfeeding mommas and lactation educators, alike. As a CAPPA Certified Community Lactation Educator, it is my goal to make sure that you understand the whys, hows, and all the little details in between of breastfeeding. I specialize in personalized, one-on-one education to ensure that you are as comfortable and prepared as possible.

For $50 we can spend a couple of hours together releasing any worries you have about your breastfeeding journey.

Photo Credit: Christen Hutto

"I am so grateful to have found Kaylin and that she was willing to travel to my home to help me on my breastfeeding journey. Kaylin is knowledgeable and friendly and her services are invaluable. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for birth or breastfeeding support."

-Elizabeth S.

Kaylin Smith

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