Birth Photography

Trust me, you want these fleeting moments captured for a lifetime.

Imagine this... the waves are rushing over you as labor intensifies. Your partner holds you close as you both sway to the gentle music that fills the room. As your eyes close for another wave, they look at you with more love in their eyes than ever before. You don't know it yet, but they can hardly hold back their own tears of gratitude. 

Why should you hire a birth photographer? 

1. You have waited nine, long months to meet this baby, let ME do the job of photographing the moments you will cherish forever. 

2. The emotions of the day are so easily whisked away by the postpartum period. The moments I capture will help you to never forget. 

3. As a birth professional, I know how to be present in a birthing space without being noticed. I will unobtrusively work, like a fly on the wall. 

Your $900 birth photography investment package includes:

1. 24/7 on call service for your birth, from 38 weeks until you deliver.

2. Unlimited time at your birth from active labor, until baby arrives and up to two hours for immediate postpartum shots of all the tiny details you don't want to miss (first looks, first feed, weigh in, etc.) 

3. Absolute peace of mind, knowing that you will not miss a single detail of your birth. 

4. The ability to look back at these photos 50 years from now, when your baby is all grown up, and say, 

"I am POWERFUL and STRONG. Look how I roared you into this world!" 

If a woman doesn't look like a Goddess during labor,

then someone isn't treating her right.

-Ina May Gaskin

So, what are you waiting for?  

Press the button below to have your birth memories captured forever. 

You deserve this. 

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