I see you over there...


taking the littles out to Tubb's Hill for the morning, then zipping home for a quick lunch before the midwife stops by for her checkup...

all while doing a quick search for a birth photographer.

You are a momma who cares about the loving energy you're surrounded by when you give birth to this baby. You're also a momma whose nesting instincts have kicked into hyper-drive, and you can't fathom having to add another thing to your to-do list. 

Capturing the HUGE milestone of giving birth (and every little detail surrounding it) should NOT be your job too. 

I don't believe it's an accident that you are here.


I'm Kaylin, and I serve North Idaho Mommas who know that on the day they give birth, they will be tapping into ancient wisdom and power like they never have before. Moms who know that occasions as big as these NEED to be captured. 

As a strong empath and a doula, I am particularly in tune with the energy in the birthing space. I make sure to capture those high energy moments in a way that you can look back on and truly feel the emotions flooding back to you. 

And you won't have to miss a single second in time, trying to take a photo yourself. 



I live full-time in a 28' Airstream trailer. 

Hey Friend, 
I get it. 

I know this time can seem overwhelming and fleeting and amazing all at once. The pregnancy and birthing of our babies and ourselves is a momentous occasion in our lives. We often find ourselves fretting over every little detail... "Should I have him at the birth center or home? What should I be eating right now? How is he developing currently? Am I doing this right?" 
Let me assure you right now that you're doing an amazing job. Whatever it is you're doing, you're kicking it's butt


The rush of oxytocin was incredible, and Kaylin captured some remarkable pictures of our first moments as a family of 3- pictures that I will cherish forever.

I don't want to imagine what my pregnancy/birth would have been like if she hadn't been a part of it. Her love and support helped create such a positive atmosphere. Her knowledge and instincts are invaluable.
I am so thankful for her wisdom and support during my pregnancy and birth, but I am also thankful for the relationship that was built. I plan on having her attend any future births that I have.



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